23 January 2013


Indosole's mission is to salvage old motorbike tires and other trash from landfills and give them new life.  The company helps reduce the size of landfills and supports skilled Balinese artisans and their families.  All products are handmade by the Balinese artisans and materials are sourced from the islands of Indonesia. The company employs fair trade practices and has a production process that does not contain fuel powered machines. If that wasn't enough, Indosole also donates their shoes to children in need, living in orphanages.

To date over 11,000 tires have been repurposed, creating over 22,000 pairs of shoes. Indole's quest is to save one million tires from the landfill.

For more information, or to purchase a pair of their super stylish footwear, please visit the Indosole site.

You can also support Indosole by supporting their Kickstarter project. They are seeking $50,000 to help increase their production and impact.

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