22 January 2013

Schoolbags for Kids

Schoolbags for Kids was founded by Kalon Gutierrez and Luis Garcia, with the mission to equip children around the world with the supplies they need to empower themselves through education. They believe every child deserves to have the tools to learn and succeed. So for each schoolbag purchased from Schoolbags for Kids, the company donates a yellow schoolbag with supplies to a child in need.

So why the yellow bags? Well, yellow is the international symbol for caution that signals motorists to slow down and yield as they drive.  Most children benefiting from Schoolbags for Kids donations walk miles, on dangerous roads, to get to school.

Right now donations are being sent to the following organizations:
  • Holy Cross School, Belize
  • Homes of Home Orphanage, India
  • Baan Rang Kratai School, Thailand
Schoolbags for Kids Partnership with:

I asked founder Luis Garcia if there was any option for consumers to simply donate purchased schoolbags. Here's what he said:  

"Our $10 "One There" schoolbag was put on our site after a customer contacted us stating he didn't have children of his own but wanted to send a schoolbag to help a kid in need. Since then we have many customers add a "One There" schoolbag to their order or just order several "One There: schoolbags. Currently, for every five "One There" schoolbags purchased, we send you a mini "One There" schoolbag as a Thank you. This way [customers] can show their support for the mission."

Please visit Schoolbags for Kids for more information about this great company. 

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