02 March 2009

What's Your Status?

This week we're looking at businesses who've gotten in on philanthropy- in some big ways. Though they're not nonprofit organizations, they spend considerable time, talent, and money to help further the causes they believe in. These companies show that you don't have to be a nonprofit to do good. We've chose this week's businesses based on their commitment to creating a better world, and because one way to fulfill our own role as socially conscious citizens is to support the companies whose initiatives help improve our world.

You'll see a range of companies, including businesses who operate to provide resources and support to nonprofit organizations and companies who donate proceeds from the sale of their products to humanitarian causes. This week's features show just a few ways nonprofits benefit from for-profit companies.

Today's Feature: The Biddery

The Biddery specializes in 501(c)3 donation procurement for silent and live actions, raffles and opportunity drawings. They work exclusively with nonprofits.

Lisa Pisa, President of The Biddery, was kind enough to provide the following information:

"The Biddery was started to non-profits receive high value items for their fundraising efforts such as silent and live auctions and raffles. We found that many charities have such limited resources such as staff and time, and so were unable to maximize their fundraising potential. That's where we help. We work with well-regarded businesses across the U.S. who donate gift certificates, gift cards or products to the charities we work with. The network of businesses we've established want to donate for many reasons: tax-write offs, attract business and to help causes. Charities take these items and auction or raffle them off, raising money.

There are other companies that get items for charities, but all of them (that I've found) take a commission or the items are consignment in which the charity only receives a small percentage of the sale. For instance I used to manage celebrity meet and greets with people, but often times there was a high fee charged to the charity.

After our flat fee, all the money a charity raises, they keep. The big ticket items are usually hotel stays like a two night stay at a top resort, restaurant gift certificates that often sell for more than their value or fashion/beauty products from high profile designers."

This company is a great resource for nonprofit organizations and another good way for individuals to get involved. Please visit The Biddery's website for more information.

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