01 March 2009

Operation Warm

The mission of Operation Warm is to provide children in poverty with a new, warm winter coat.

The organization provides new warm coats to children in need through strategic partnerships and community organizations. Their vision is that every child wearing a new winter coat is healthy, is able to attend school regularly, and has strong self-esteem. They hope each child they reach believes "I am of value."

Since its founding in 1998, by Dick Sanford, Operation Warm has distributed more than 375,000 coats to children living in poverty. That equates to approximately $14 million.

Two points from the site that just can't be ignored:
  1. Winter coats are one of the most requested items by schools and service agencies
  2. For many, a new winter coat from Operation Warm is the first item of new clothing the children have ever received.
"The coat helps to prevent the social isolation these kids feel about themselves and their unsolicited poverty. By keeping children warm, Operation Warm helps build self-confidence and improves self-esteem. When children feel good about themselves and fit in, they can arrive at school, warm, on-time and ready to learn."

I urge you to visit Operation Warm's website to learn more about this important work and how you can help.

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea. I don't have kids coats, but living in Los Angeles, I don't need my coats so this inspires me to donate them anyways!