19 February 2009

Living Earth Television

Living Earth Television (LETV) is the world's first global, noncommercial broadcasting service. LETV finds nonfiction programs made by local tv producers and independents around the world, and translate them for broadcast to an international audience. It's mission is to "promote understanding, appreciation and respect as foundations for sustainability and peace."

Founded in 2001 by Martha Foster, LETV's Executive Director, it is the organization's belief that by sharing these programs, from around the world, viewers can learn about their global neighbors. Through understanding and celebration of similarities and differences they can build a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Programming showcases the following facets of life:
  • Our global neighborhood
  • The World of Children
  • Earth works
  • Arts and Artisans
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Peace Makers
  • Bridges
You can see LETV's first series on LinkTV and select PBS's stations this year. For more program information and information on how you can get involved, including how you can submit programs visit LETV's site.

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