20 February 2009

Common Ground

Common Ground's mission is pretty direct: to end homelessness.

Founded in 1990, by Rosanne Haggerty and based in New York, Common Ground promotes the development of supportive housing and other research-based practices that end homelessness.  The strategy has three components:
  • affordable housing
  • outreach
  • prevention
The organization includes the following programs:

Street to Home- which assists individuals who have been living on the street for a year or more to move into housing.

Homelink- reducing family homelessness in Brownsville, Brooklyn- one of ten NYC neighborhoods producing the highest number of homeless families each year.

Re-Entry Housing Initiative- provides individuals who have served their time in prison with housing assistance and the help and structure they need to build a new life. 

To date the organization has enable 4000 individuals to overcome homelessness. In fact, their housing costs less- significantly less- per night to operate than public expenditures for a city shelter bed or prison cell. Common Ground's site offers even more eye opening statistics.

For more information please visit Common Ground's site

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