21 February 2009

The Heifer Project

In 1944, Dan West founded the Heifer Project with the hope of ending hunger by providing a source of food, rather than a short-term remedy.  More than 60 years later, the organization has served millions of families in 128 countries.

Their mission is simple: to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth. Their strategy is simple: have people share their animals offspring with others, in other words, "pass on the gift."

Passing on the Gift means that each family receiving a heifer, (a young cow that hasn't yet given birth), agrees to donate the female offspring to another family in need. Thus the gift of food is never ending.

Since it's start the organization has expanded its initiatives to advance its mission. These initiatives include: Agroecology, Animal Well-Being, Gender Equity, HIV/AIDS, Micro-enterprise, Urban Agriculture, and Young People's Initiatives.

The website is filled with information on the various programs and the many ways you can get involved. Please visit the site to learn more.

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