22 February 2009


Habele: Outer Island Education Fund

Habele translated means to realize a future; to wish.  Based in South Carolina, the organization makes this wish a reality through its dedication to the advancement of educational opportunities in the remote islands and atolls of Micronesia, an impoverished former American trust territory in the Central Pacific. This mission is achieved through two objectives. 

The primary goal of Habele is to provide scholarships and tuition-assistance grants to children living in the "low" or "outer" islands, so these children can attend independent schools located in larger district centers.

Secondly, the organization supports public schools through book donations, material assistance, and performance-based teaching awards.

What's great about this fund? Well for starters, the Board members are all former teachers, who have lived and taught in the Outer Islands. They understand the needs of the children and schools to help cultivate the educational process. It's also worth noting that the organization is run entirely by volunteers, as in no paid employees. 

Please visit Habele's website for more information on how you can donate money, books, supplies or time.

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  1. This is a great little group. I first started mailing books to a Peace Corps volunteer in Yap, Micronesia back in 2003. That volunteer is now back in the US and serves as one of the Habele Directors. I still send books to Yap (by coordinating with Habele) and now also make donations to pay for scholarships. Since there are no employees i know my money is fully reaching the kids who need it!