23 February 2009

Play for Peace

PLAY for PEACE's mission is "to bring together children, youth, and organizations from communities in conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion and play." The organization seeks to prevent violence in conflict-torn areas by teaching people how to live, play, and work together.

PLAY for PEACE objectives:
  • To promote positive relationships among the people of societies in conflict
  • To foster leaders for peace around the world
  • To build self-sustaining learning communities in which all regions work interdependently to build a more peaceful world
  • To create a non-threatening environment, free from fear, in which people of all ages can experience the joys of play.

Based on the creation of ongoing learning partnerships, the organization allows each person to build positive, life-long connections with others. This community building strategy has a special focus among peoples with a history of intercultural tension. The organization believes cooperative play is an effective tool to promote cross-cultural relationships. PLAY for PEACE works in Guatemala, India, the Middle East, Northern Ireland, and North America.

PLAY for PEACE is a global organization. It works through Hub Organizations, who work with their community to instill change by cultivating local leadership. PLAY for PEACE, and its Hub Organizations, work through community leaders and youth facilitators to teach children, teens, and adults to trust and respect each other, and to break down cultural barriers.

PLAY for PEACE was kind enough to supply the following information on their organization and work:

"Currently operating out of six hub institutions (NEIU in Chicago, Hazlewood College in Northern Ireland, Illinois State University, Shaishav in India, Jerusalem International YMCA in Israel, and the University of San Carlos in Guatemala), "PLAY for PEACE" is a cross-cultural community that works together as a system to build lasting peace and give the children of the world hope for a better life.

In the past four four years, the global "PLAY for PEACE" community has provided over 4.1 million participant days to these communities. Through the cooperation of our regional Hub and Partner organizations, teenagers from conflicting cultures are brought together to be leaders for peace in their neighborhoods. These youth facilitators learn experience-based educational methodologies and models that empower them to be effective in their service. They come together week-by-week to facilitate cooperative, relationship building activities for the community's younger children. Then, motivated by the peace-building lessons they have learned, they frequently unite in creating and leading other local initiatives that promote positive, lasting relationships between the conflicting cultures of their community."

For more information please visit the PLAY for PEACE website.

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  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2009

    The co-founder of Play for Peace validates this organization. He is a curious and thoughtful person.