18 February 2009

Infinite Skies

Founded in 2006 and based in Alexandria, VA, Infinite Skies is "dedicated to improving the life of children and promoting awareness of children's needs and issues." They have a special focus on children with special needs, including the seriously ill, abused, neglected, and socio-economically disadvantaged.

Their call to "Reach for the Stars" is a collection of programs under the categories: Research, Education, Awareness, Culture, and Health to pursue the organization mission. Here's a brief overview of each category.

Research for Kids- raises and contributes funds to programs, centers, and hospitals dedicated to research on issues and illness affecting infants through adolescents

Educating Kids- designed to promote learning and provide educational opportunities for children and schools in need. These programs include providing educational supplies, scholarships, learning conferences, and tutoring services.

Awareness Makes a Difference- programs dedicated to inspiring community involvement, addressing subject matter concerning children, and promoting awareness of children's issues through its volunteer program, educational seminars, discussion clubs for adults, and newsletters.

Cultural Kids- programs include a series of activities and field trips designed to provide exposure to the arts and music, promote cultural awareness, and inspire creativity and confidence.

Healthy Kids- programs are designed to improve the physical and emotional well being of children, including entertainment, performances, and gifts.

For more information please visit the Infinite Skies site.

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