28 January 2013

The Army Historical Foundation

Founded in 1983, the Army Historical Foundation (AHF) is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the American Soldier. The foundation seeks to educate future Americans to fully appreciate the sacrifices that generations of American Soldiers have made to safeguard the freedoms of this nation.

AHF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, not a government agency, which means it relies on membership, donations, and grant support. Foundation funding helps refurbish historical Army buildings, acquire and conserve Army historical art and artifacts, supports Army history educational programs, research and publication of historical materials on the American Soldier, and provides support and counsel to private and governmental organizations committed to the same goals as AHF.

Additionally, in September 2000, under a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of the Army, AHF became the official fundraising entity for the National Museum of the United States Army. The foundation is actively engaged in support the museum by carrying out a $200 million capital campaign. The aim of the museum is to:

  • Honor our soldiers
  • Preserve our history
  • Educate the public
  • Inspire currently serving and future soldiers

For more information, please visit the Army Historical Foundation website.

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