29 January 2013

Institute for Philanthropy

The Institute for Philanthropy helps donors achieve impact. Its mission is to increase effective philanthropy in the UK and internationally, with offices in the UK and US. They pursue this by:
  • providing donor education
  • building donor networks
  • raising the awareness and understanding of philanthropy

The institute looks toward a world in which philanthropists from around the globe have the skills to make significant contributions to the pressing issues of their time, in their own giving and in networks and partnerships with others.

The organization's target audience and programs support: philanthropists, youth, partnerships, and advocacy.

  • Philanthropists: Over the last ten years the institute has built a global network of donors; working with over 200 wealthy families and individuals from Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

  • Youth: Through the Youth and Philanthropy initiative, they have reached nearly 115 UK schools, educating more than 20,000 students each year, and granting over £600,000 to UK charities alone.
  • Partnerships: The institute has worked with 30 of the 57 UK's community foundations as well as foundations from Central and Eastern Europe. They have worked with leading charitable organizations, such as:
    • The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
    • The Oak Foundation
    • The Omidyar Network
    • The Rockefeller Foundation
    • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
          Additionally, they've worked with leading financial institutions, such as:
    • Barclay Wealth
    • Credit Suisse
    • Deutsche Bank
    • JP Morgan Chase
  • Advocacy: Successfully advocated for the UK government to provide tax breaks on gifts of shares.

  • The Philanthropy Workshop: Established in 1995 by the Rockefeller Foundation and now a project of the Institute for Philanthropy, this workshop is geared towards entrepreneurs and inheritors who are increasingly dedicating their time and capital to philanthropy; for those looking to maximize the impact of their giving. Up to 14 participants attend three one-week sessions over the course of the year, one in Europe, one in the United States, and one in the developing world. (At $30,000 USD plus travel expenses this workshop is not for the casual donor).
  • Think Philanthropy: The institute believes philanthropy must constantly evolve to meet the needs of the ever-changing world.  Think Philanthropy works to drive the innovation and evolution of philanthropy. It is an ongoing series of projects, papers, talks and days of learning, based on original research. which discusses the most pressing issues in the field and the latest thinking and strategic philanthropy trends.
  • Next Generation Philanthropy: Guides the younger generation of wealthy families as they engage in their personal, business, or family philanthropy. This is achieved through a series of inspiring and challenging case studies, site visits, and audiences with leading civil society thinkers.
  • Youth and Philanthropy Initiative: A unique schools program that empowers young people to tackle issues in their local community. It also raises awareness among young people of philanthropy's role in supporting local and global communities.
  • Community Foundation Essentials: The aim of this program is to:
    • introduce participants to the elements of strategic philanthropy and advanced thinking on working with donors
    • demonstrate to participants how they can achieve a high level of engagement with donors; helping them to be strategic and effective
    • take their donor communication and relationship skills to the next level

For more information, please visit the Institute for Philanthropy's website.

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