07 April 2009

Operation Kids

Operation Kids is a 501(3)c dedicated to improving the lives of children. Recognizing the many dimensions to a healthy, happy child, they support a researched community of charities providing solutions to issues affecting children's education, health, safety, and well being.

Their mission is to identify the most pressing issues facing the largest number of children, and then support a community of qualified charities and programs most effectively addressing those issues. Issues are determined under the direction of their Whole Child Committee, a select group of experts in children's issues. The Committee helps Operation Kids staff identify effective solutions to those issues. The staff then seeks to identify who demonstrates the most impact and efficiency when implementing those solutions. Operation Kids demands full accountability and transparency in use of its donations. Therefore an "OK" endorsement that a charity or one of its programs receives identifies it as a effort deserving of complete donor confidence.

Their corporate giving consultant service helps companies identify and partner with charities that demonstrate the highest standards of effectiveness and impact, and whose partnership contributes to the company's brand-building efforts. Operation Kids also has competencies in media relations, special events management and Online charitable marketing and fundraising.

Founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2000, the organization is dedicated to sound principles of charitable giving. They:

1. Measurably improve the lives of children
  • Improving Safety through The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's "Net Smartz" program
  • Improving Health through the life-changing and life-saving medical procedures of Operation Smile and the Children's Organ Transplant Association
  • Improving Well-Being through Right to Play's effective programs teaching conflict resolution through sport, in more than 23 countries
  • Improving Education in New Orleans through the Edible Schoolyard Project, funding for summer science internships at New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School and programs for intellectually disabled children provided by Best Buddies
2. Provide donors with a more accountable and fulfilling experience
  • Individual donors- your donation, combines with others, support programs and charities where they make a measurable impact. You can know your gift made a real difference
  • Corporations/Businesses- By understanding the strategy behind corporate philanthropy, they can carefully design and manage corporate giving for maximum impact, thereby better serving your employees, customers, and communities
  • Foundations- They vet charities and programs and help guide the foundation's giving based on its mission and focus, to ensure maximum impact
  • Charities- They share best practices and efficient management principles to increase efficiency, accountability, and effectiveness
3. Research the most pressing issues facing the largest number of children
  • While any issue affecting children is important, some affect greater numbers in more significant ways. Understanding issues in context is valuable to those looking to make the greatest impact with their charitable contributions.
4. Identify charities and programs most effectively addressing key issues
  • Charities exhibit a wide range of effectiveness and efficiency. Many are well-managed. Some though well intended are not. Donors deserve to understand the effectiveness of a nonprofit organization before giving.

The organization's administrative expenses are fully met through monthly payments from an investment fund, so all contributions to Operation Kids:
  • Reach the child in need
  • are focused on your area of interest
  • are leveraged through matching funds campaigns
  • are managed every step of the way

For more information please visit Operation Kids website.

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