06 April 2009


Today's organization, while not a non-profit, focuses on spreading news of good works in all sectors. It also provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in a social network that's all about social responsibility. 

The mission of JustMeans is to provide best in class services that help companies communicate and implement their socially responsible efforts Online. They envision a world where companies integrate social and environmental initiatives into their core business strategies.

So what does that really mean? Well, think of JustMeans as a social GOOD network. Visitors to the site can sign up for a free account to create a profile, which allows you to post your resume for talent searches, list your work and education history, contact information and other social network ids. 

You also can post what good work your doing. The feature is very similar to Facebook's status updates or Twitter. Visitors also get to view other members' good work postings, with the option to follow their updates (Twitter).

JustMeans is the fastest growing Online community for executives interested in social responsibility. Their services include: online PR communications, Online CSR reports, Online event networking, and talent recruitment. Companies can post a job, promote a press release, or promote an event. JustMeans also offers an annual membership for unlimited PR and event promotions.

As a visitor to the site, you can view jobs, see what good works JustMeans members and companies are up to,  and  read about news and upcoming events from the socially conscious corporations that support JustMeans.

For more information please visit JustMeans.

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