06 March 2009

Social Velocity

Today's organization helps nonprofits use the tools of social innovation to advance their missions.

Social Velocity identified a need in the Southwest region of the United States for social innovation. Along the American coasts social innovation is happening, but less so in the middle of the country, specifically the Southwest. They are focused on the need for new ideas to help combat the social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges facing the region.

The company identifies social innovation as system-changing ideas that solve existing public challenges. These new ideas include:
  • social entrepreneurship
  • social enterprise
  • venture philanthropy
  • strategic fundraising
  • growth and capital
  • social investing
Social Velocity inspires this innovation by exposing the region to new ideas, connecting to the national movement, and employing systems and strategies for the region. The company works with nonprofits, their staff, board, and donors to accelerate the pace of social innovation. 

Their services fall into 3 categories:
  1. Grow Program- help nonprofit organizations determine whether a program is ready to increase its scale, how to grow it strategically, where to find growth capital, and how to implement a successful plan.
  2. Find Greater Resources- help nonprofit organizations introduce new revenue streams, communicate more effectively with potential donors, find good fundraisers, and leverage their board more effectively.
  3. Connect to the National Movement- build connections between innovators nationally and innovators in the Southwest, Social Velocity helps to bring attention, resources and momentum to their region.
For more information about Social Velocity, please visit their website. This company is another great resource for nonprofit organizations.

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