07 March 2009

Maggie's Organics

Today's feature is yet another example of a socially conscious business.

Maggie's Organics mission is "to produce and provide comfortable, durable, affordable and beautiful articles of apparel and accessories made from materials that restore, sustain and enhance the resources, including human, from which they are made."

The company was founded in 1992 on the premise that all workers could be treated ethically and that clothing could be functional, beautiful and affordable, and constructed of environmentally sustainable materials.  The company was inspired by the statistics about conventional cotton, which is considered the world's dirtiest crop due to its heavy use of insecticides. Believing that there is no environmental sustainability without social responsibility, Maggie's is founded on these principles:
  • All products constructed using Certified Organic cotton or Certified Organic wool.
  • Conscious of energy consumed by transporting products across the globe, develop supply chains as close to home as possible, and use minimal packaging materials.
  • Work exclusively with business partners who guarantee livable working conditions and independence for their workers.

Maggie's organic and fair trade line of products includes: socks, scarves, tights, loungewear, legwarmers, tees, baby clothes, new stuff animals, and tops.

Maggie's is a supporter of fair trade, responsible business ethics, and environmental stewardship. In order to ensure social responsibility the company:
  • Promotes and monitors practices of working conditions and production standards
  • requires full disclosure of working conditions and production standards
  • makes on-site visits
  • establishes ongoing relationships with partners to develop environmentally sustainable practices
  • supports worker-owned cooperatives vs. sweatshops
To learn more about Maggie's Organics, including its work with partner organizations, why organic over conventional cotton, and much more, please visit Maggie's Organics website. The site provides a wealth of knowledge, and you can read about all the philanthropic initiatives Maggie's has established.

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