20 March 2009


Manna is a Washington D.C. based nonprofit developer of affordable housing. They take abandon buildings and vacant properties and make them into new homes for low and moderate income families. In addition the organization works with nonprofit and for-profit developers to provide sales, marketing, and consulting support.

The organization's mission is to "empower individuals, strengthen families and foster sustainable communities in Washington D.C. by collaborating with stakeholders to create quality affordable housing for low-income families, to support and train families both before and after they purchase their homes, and to foster community and economic development activities."

Founded in 1982, as a faith based and community based producer of affordable home ownership, Manna was established to purchase, renovated and sell homes to formerly homeless families graduating from transitional housing. To date the organization has completed and sold nearly 1000 homes, and has helped buyers accumulate over $60 million in combined home equity.

To assist buyers, the organization has created the Manna Homebuyers Club, which helps low-income individuals understand the process of buying a home. The Manna Mortgage Corp, Washington D.C.'s first and only nonprofit licensed mortgage company, offers home purchase and refinance loans targeted to traditionally underserved low-income homebuyers and homeowners.

The organization has also developed several for-profit affiliates to help lower administrative costs to the nonprofit entity, as well as to generate revenue to help further advance Manna's mission. 

Manna affiliate divisions include:

1. Real Estate Development Consulting- to serve real estate needs of other organizations as well as itself. Consulting services include:
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Estimating
  • Project Sales and Marketing
  • Develop Finance
  • Environmental Compliance Issues
  • Home Buyer Education Off-site
  • Condo and Coop Board and Member Training
  • Tenant purchase and Deal Structuring
2. Studio M Architecture Design- utilizing Manna's in-house staff to help other nonprofits with their building needs.

3. Providence Construction- provides construction management and general contracting services to both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

This organization gives insights not only into the incredible work being done to help low-income individuals know the confidence and pride of homeownership, but Manna is also a great resource for nonprofit organizations to assist with their building needs.

For more information on Manna's work, or how you can get involved please visit their website.

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