19 March 2009

iLEAP: The Center for Critical Service

iLEAP: The Center for Critical Service's (iLEAP) mission is to cultivate and inspire a new generation of global citizens who are motivated by a commitment to service and have the practical skills, rigorous critical thinking, and global community of support to create positive social and systematic change in the world. They seek to inspire a worldwide community of interlinked global citizens and innovative organizations who are connected through their commitment and courage to take risks and engage life with a humble passion and abiding sense of humor as they work with, and serve others.

The organization designs and delivers a variety of experiential based educational programs that serve as the catalyst for this new generation, and work to nurture meaningful collaborations between people, organizations, and community. These programs are developed with closer partnerships with colleges and universities, civil society groups, and for-profit businesses.  All the programs emphasize social enterprise, collaboration, conversation, and rigorous engagement with ideas and theory. They range from one day to nine months.

The programs are listed below:
  • International Fellowship Program- brings leaders from civil society organizations working for positive social change in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, to Seattle, Washington for a three month intensive program in professional skill building, academic study, and global networking. The program is focused on the central themes of: social enterprise, reflective practice, collaborative leadership, and social and environmental sustainability.
  • Taking the Leap- is a global three phased program that balances personal growth, critical thinking, and academic theory with pragmatic training in project design, development, and implementation. The first phase is spent in Seattle working with iLEAP staff and faculty in seminar coursework and working in social enterprise. The second phase sends each student overseas to live and work in a different rural community in Asia, Africa, or Latin America to work with international iLEAP faculty. In the third phase students return to Seattle for a time of reflection, sharing and preparations for the future.
  • Social Innovation in Seattle- a unique internship for university students from Asia and Europe, based in Seattle. Through direct internships in American organizations and businesses, this program introduces students to the fundamentals of social enterprise and social innovation in business practice.
For more information on iLEAP, please visit their website.

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