15 March 2009

Kara: Grief Support and Education for Our Community

Kara: Grief Support and Education is a center offering compassionate peer support and education to individuals, families, and organizations coping with death and dying. Their mission is to empower children, teens and adults to find their way through grief so that they can rebuild their lives with renewed hope and meaning.

The organization, founded in 1976, serves the Palo Alto, California community. The name Kara comes from the gothic root of the word "care." It means to reach out, to care, to lament, to grieve with.

Their services are provided primarily by trained volunteers, and who have experience dealing with personal loss. These services are free and include:
  • Individual Peer Counseling
  • Grief Support Groups
  • On-site Grief Crisis Intervention
  • Annual Grief Support Conferences
  • Candlelight Services
  • Grief Support Training
  • Information and Referrals (to professional therapy, cancer support groups, and hospice care)
  • Community Education
The site provides a lot of information and articles for those facing the challenges of grieving and those supporting others through the grieving process. 

For more information on the organization, and how you can volunteer or donate, please visit Kara's website.

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