14 March 2009

Global Visionaries

Global Visionaries' mission is "to educate and empower youth to become active leaders and global citizens who promote social and environmental justice through community service at home and abroad."

The organization's programs "educate young people on peace, justice, and environmental issues, foster cross-cultural understanding, and strengthen communities and families, uniting diverse local communities and building international ties, fostering the tangible hope of lasting peace." Educators, community leaders, parents, and high school students partner with local and international organizations to broaden and further their common goal for social and environmental justice.

Founded in 1997, and incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2002, Global Visionaries serves Seattle, Washington high school students. The students participate in a year long leadership program which includes "various cultural and antiracism workshops, a cultural immersion trip to Guatemala,  and local and international development projects, where Global Visionaries Work Teams partner with various organizations to collectively address important issues such as poverty, immigrant's and civil rights, protecting ecological resources, and preserving Mayan indigenous culture."

For more information on Global Visionaries, please visit their website.

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