02 February 2013

Working Solutions

Today features a nonprofit organization that serves the for-profit small business community in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Developed as a pilot program, before receiving its nonprofit status in 1999, Working Solution's supports entrepreneurs to start or grow successful local businesses. They provide microloans/ small business loans and long term business advising.

  • Small business loans $5,000 up to $50,000
  • Five years of post loan business coaching and advising
  • Referrals to small business resources
Working Solutions strives to support microenterprise development in an effort to strengthen the local economy, create jobs and build strong communities. Having made it's 100th loan in April 2012 to a vintage furniture store, here's the organization's impact to date:

  • Jobs Created: 313
  • Entrepreneurs Educated: 8,182
  • Funds Loaned: $3.254 million
  • Repayment Rate: 97.64%
  • Businesses graduated to conventional financing: 20
  • Start-up Businesses: 51%
  • Existing Businesses: 49%
And my favorite statistics... Entrepreneurs served:
  • 64% women
  • 39% minority
  • 59% low-income

Fore more information, please visit Working Solution, here.

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