14 February 2013

The Grannie Project

The Grannie Project, founded in 2012, is a small, young nonprofit, but a great example of inspired people setting out to make a difference. The focus of the Grannie Project is to rescue and re-home senior pets, and to promote spaying and neutering pets.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania organization was created after its founders visited a high kill shelter to adopt a cat. Seeing the number of senior cats at the shelter inspired them to establish The Grannie Project, a 501(c)3 that is funded entirely through private donations. The organization operates entirely through a network of foster homes, which means funding goes to directly to the pets, for veterinary expenses, food, shelter and supplies.

The Grannie Project encourages pet owners to responsibly plan for the future care of their senior pets after they are gone; too many cats and dogs end up in kill shelters. To meet current shelter pet needs, the organization advocates spaying and neutering pets.

For more information, please visit The Grannie Project. The website is full of resources for pet owners and articles to encourage involvement.

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