10 February 2013

Children's Futures

Children's Futures was established in 2001 to serve Mercer County, NJ, and ensure that all children and families get off to a healthy start in life. They aim to increase opportunities for health and wellness, and to ward off health and social problems that can lead to a lifetime of illness and dependency.

The organization's mission is to improve health and development outcomes for children and their families. To achieve this mission, they formally collaborate with schools, social service providers, healthcare agencies, faith institutions, civic associations, employers and others around school readiness and success strategies that have the greatest positive impact on children's immediate health needs, as well as long-term development.

Children's Futures provides services in the following areas:

  • Health Education and Outreach
  • Prenatal Care Services
  • Nurse Home Visiting
  • Case Management
  • Quality Child Care
  • Health Literacy
  • Family Support Services
  • Professional Training & Technical Assistance
Additionally, the organization hosts conferences and forums, provides training and technical assistance to area agencies, produces reports and advocates for policy changes. Their programs focus on: strengthening parenting, improving primary care systems, improving child care systems and integrating community support.

For more information please visit the Children's Futures website.

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