31 January 2013

Penumbra Foundation

The Penumbra Foundation is a nonprofit, member supported organization dedicated to preserving historical and emulsion based photography, and maintaining its relevance as an artistic and educational tool in the evolving digital age.  It is a workshop based education program devoted to teaching 19th century photographic processes and 20th century emulsion based photography.

Their mission is to be a comprehensive resource for photographers at any level, who want to learn, practice, and research these photographic arts and processes. They also publicize the impact photography has had and continues to have on culture, history, and the arts. Penumbra Foundation's is cultivating a community based organization that will make available their resources to the greater photographic community.

Through their educational programs, Penumbra Foundation aims to broaden the palette of artistic and visual communication tools available to photographers, artists and visual communicators. They teach photography comprehensively, from its invention through the digital age. The foundation's goal is to develop an MFA and certificate programs, offering emulsion based curricula to educational institutions that are dismantling their darkrooms but still understand the importance and necessity of teaching emulsion based photography.

The foundation offers outreach in the form of teaching photography to those in financial need. This is focused on public schools that no longer offer emulsion based photographic programs and an Artist in Residence program. Other community outreach efforts include an artist lecture series and informal meetings to discuss the issues and trends in today's photography industry.


  • International Center for Photography
  • Young Photographers Alliance
  • Contemporary Daguerreotypes 
  • Photoville NYC

Additionally, The Penumbra Foundation's TinType Portrait Studio allows you to get your own Wet Plate Collodion tintype portrait, (the Polaroid of the 19th Century).

For more information please visit their website.

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