04 November 2010

A Shelter of Hope and Healing

Enchanted Makeovers' mission is to transform shelters for women and children into heartwarming havens, uplift the human spirit and empower individuals from all walks of life to pursue their dreams.Interior design Terry Grahl founded the organization in 2009, after spending several years working with women's shelters as a side project of her interior design business. The organization works on a project basis, gathering volunteers and donors to create a lasting impact at shelters. Projects can mean a complete redecoration of the physical space with handmade items and furnishing, or it can mean offering programs and activities such as: gardening, yoga, inspirational hands-on activities, personal makeovers, sewing and cooking classes, handmade gifts provide by crafters from around the world, and the sharing of personal stories.

The organization is guided by the following beliefs:
    • Everyone is worthy of surroundings that will nurture their soul and allow their greatness to emerge
    • Without attention to their spirit, there can be no healing
    • Handmade items are very important to the recovery process. It comes with the love and hope of the creator
    • A donor's story is woven into each handmade item that is donated
    • An Open Mind and Open Heart policy- we reach out and help everyone no matter what background or faith
    • To see ourselves in everyone
    • It's very important to think and behave in a loving way to ALL people
    • Actions speak louder than words
    • If you can tap into your imagination you can get through remarkable things
    • The journey is just as important as the destination
    • In helping everyone to fall in love with who they are
    • Love should be in the smallest detail
    • Everyone has value and needs to be heard
    • Child-like faith
    • In Unity- the state or quality of being one; oneness
    • In Dignity- respect for the worth of every person
    • In Integrity- honesty and justice
    • In Character- moral and ethical strength
    • In Serving- the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others (Mahatma Gandhi)

What drew me to this organization, was its understanding that providing shelter is just one step in healing process- a physical change in conditions. That in order to truly help these women and children, they need spiritual and emotional nurturing as well. Everyone deserves to live their life with dignity. Enchanted Makeovers is making that possible; in many cases restoring it.  For more information please visit Enchanted Makeovers

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