06 November 2010

If You Give a Kid a Book

In 1993, 8-year-old Brandon Keefe believed he could make a difference. By 1998, he was, forming BookEnds as nonprofit organization in Southern California that is about kids helping kids. The organization recycles children's books through student-run book drives and places them in schools and youth organizations in need of books. They believe that a literate child is the foundation of a thriving community. By providing access to books, children are given the resources to develop literacy skills and to experience the joy and imagination of reading.

Recipients of the BookEnds program include:
    • Inner City Schools
    • Youth Centers
    • Homeless Shelters
    • Family Literacy Centers
    • After-school Enrichment Programs
    • Children's Group Homes
    • Juvenile Detention Facilities
For recipient organizations the ratio of books to kids is 3 to 1; the national average is 22 to 1.  Each dollar donated to BookEnds results in more than five dollars worth of books for kids.

BookEnds believes in the power of community service. Through Bookends students have the opportunity to change their lives and the lives of others through community service. Student volunteers collect, sort and personally deliver donated books to quality libraries and inspire a passion for reading.

The Stats to Date:
    • 22,000 student volunteers
    • 585 empty libraries filled in the Greater Los Angeles area
    • 2.1 million books delivered
    • Serving over 520,000 at-risk children
For more information please visit BookEnds.

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