10 April 2009

Special Announcement

As some of you may have noticed today's posting did not appear on our Blogger site, (www.nonprofitawareness.blogspot.com). That's because Nonprofit Awareness, in an effort to better serve our visitors, has moved. Please set your bookmarks to www.nonprofitawareness.com.

That being said...

I am excited to announce Nonprofit Awareness' new and expanded website. You'll still get the same daily blogs, but now you'll also have access to much more information, tools, and resources. 

Our new Resource Section provides nonprofit professionals, donors, volunteers, and those new to charity with the tools and information they need. Our online resources direct visitors to websites that provide easy ways to get involved and  information to help you make informed giving decisions. The consulting and professional services allows nonprofit professionals and organizations to easily find tools to help them advance their missions, and the suggested readings focus on all areas of the nonprofit sector.  There's even links to nonprofit job banks.

A new site with increased information also comes with increased opportunities for site visitors. With more space, we are now able to offer sponsorships to individuals and organizations. This will not only help increase the visibility of our sponsors, but will also help support our efforts. At least half of all proceeds from our sponsors will be donated to the organizations we feature. Visitors will also have more chances to have their voices heard, through comments, discussion boards, and guest author opportunities. We hope our new space cultivate a sense of community.

Our focus is constantly on finding the best ways to connect individuals and causes, and helping nonprofit organizations.  I believe Nonprofit Awareness is achieving this goal by expanding our website.  Above I've mentioned just a few additions to our offerings. I invite you all to visit us at our new home.

I thank you all for your support at our Blogger site, and look forward to serving you at our new location.



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