01 April 2009


RecycleBank is a unique organization that rewards you for recycling- "motivating people to recycle and engage in environmentally virtuous activities." They believe recycling is the one thing we can all do. In order to inspire people to take action and recycle, the organization makes recycling understandable, easy, and rewarding. 

Recyclebank creates incentives for households to recycle by giving them a large portion of the value derived from helping create the cyclical life cycle of a product. The goal of the organization is to change societies' view of the product life cycle from linear to cyclical. The program helps divert trash from landfills.

The organization even makes recycling to rewards easy. It's a simple three step process after signing up:
  1. Recycle- materials are picked up at your curbside.
  2. Record- The carts (which you're supplied with) have id codes that the truck records to keep track of how much you've recycled.
  3. Reward- the amount you've recycled is converted into RecycleBank Points, which you can use towards a variety of rewards.
RecycleBank rewards come from partner organizations in the form of free products, coupons, and discounts.

For a complete list of rewards, partner organizations, and more importantly how you can sign up with RecycleBank, please visit the RecycleBank website.

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