25 March 2009


Today's feature shows how contagious a good, and more importantly successful, idea can be. We continue our focus on micro-finance by featuring MicroPlace, an organization founded by Tracey Pettengill Turner after her inspiring experience working at Grameen Bank, (Monday's feature).

MicroPlace's mission is "to help alleviate global poverty by enabling everyday people to make investments in the world's working poor."  The organization merged with Ebay in 2006, creating a "synergy between Ebay's mission to provide economic opportunity and MicroPlace's vision to empower the working poor."

The process is simple and you can invest as little as $20. All you need to do is open an investment account, search the site to find an investment you're interested in, and invest with your paypal or bank account. Investors receive their money back and interest payments directly into the account they paid from. You can then re-invest or cash out.

As we've already seen, micro-finance allows those living in proving to help themselves and their community. MicroPlace provides a simple, user-friendly and inexpensive way for anyone to get involved in micro-finance. 

For more information please visit the MicroPlace website.

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