10 March 2009

Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands is an organization that allows users to create free of charge, private, web-based community to organize family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues -during times of need. The purpose of the site is to help easily coordinate activities and manage volunteers with Lotsa Helping Hands' group calendar.

The organization's mission is "to provide the communication resources facilitating a world where caregivers feel empowered to ask for help, and in doing so, improve their own health and quality-of-life. Volunteers can become part of the solution when family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues are in need of help. Community becomes a recognized way to find meaning in both giving and receiving. Lotsa Helping Hands was created after witnessing "four years of awe-inspiring community support and response to a family member's serious medical crisis." 

Lotsa Helping Hands is committed to philanthropy. They support the nonprofit sector and align themselves with national organizations who offer Lotsa Helping Hands' services to their members and constituents. The organization also donates pro bono expertise and financial resources to the nonprofit organizations they serve.

Once you set up a community, volunteers can view and sign up  for available tasks and review current commitments. Automatic emails remind volunteers, so you don't have to worry that they'll forget their assignments. The site provides: messages boards, photo galleries, resource sections for sharing web links and documents, and a Well Wishes wall. The site boasts an easy to use interface, with a variety of community templates supplied.

For more information please visit Lotsa Helping Hands' website.

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