22 March 2009

Global Playground

Global Playground's mission is "to raise awareness and share resources with people of the developing world to create educational opportunities where they do not exist."

The organization was founded by young professionals in New York and Washington D.C., and was incorporated in 2006. The organization funds projects that increase access to and quality of education to children in the developing world.

Global Playground is committed to funding the education of children in underdeveloped and developing countries, and promoting the importance of education and cross-cultural understanding in the developing world. They believe education is the most promising means to eliminating violence, poverty, intolerance, and misunderstanding in our world. They also believe that young minds are most open to cross-cultural understanding and the appreciation of differences.

The organization's first project: Project Uganda, is a school for 300 children in the rural Wakiso District. Their new initiatives include: Project Cambodia, a middle school for 150 children in the outskirts of Kandal, and Project Thailand, a library for 400 children in the remote Mae Hong Song province. Global Playground is currently researching Central American and Eastern Europe for future projects.

For more information, please visit Global Playground's website.

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