15 February 2009

Homeless Children's Playtime Project

Founded in 2003,  Homeless Children's Playtime Project (HCPP) is dedicated to nurturing healthy childhood development and reducing the trauma of children living in temporary housing programs in Washington D.C. The organization also promotes affordable housing.

The organization's vision states, "We believe that play is a human right that all children deserve, regardless of housing status. We seek to help create a city that provides every opportunity for homeless children to succeed by advocating for affordable housing and safe shelters for all families."

HCPP's trained volunteers from the community provide children in emergency shelters and transitional housing with arts and educational activities, healthy snacks, sports and recreation, special events, and bicycle, equipment, and toy drives.

In the past five years, 200 volunteers have served more than 500 children at six playtime sites in Washington D.C.

I urge you to visit HCPP's website for more information on how you can get involved.

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